I was born in Prescott, Arizona on October 9th, 1987. I then moved to Prescott Valley and lived there until I was four, and then I moved for the last time to Chino Valley. I suppose that this make me a true resident of the tri-city area. Before I tell you about my town and why I like it so much I first have to tell you why I am in the state of Arizona in the first place. My family has been here since the 1600’s; the town of Greer, Arizona near the White Mountains was founded by my great-great-great grandfather. My grandmother was born in Concho, Arizona and her father worked as a sheriff in Prescott. My grandfather also went to school in Phoenix, Arizona. My father grew up in Prescott and went to high school there. I really don’t think that I would have been born in any other place.

I now reside in Chino Valley and have since I was four years old. I really love this town because of all that it has to offer. I have played softball and soccer for the local team since I moved here. I have attended both the public schools (Del Rio Elementary and Chino Valley High School) and the charter schools ( Mingus Springs Charter School and Tri-City Prep High School). At all of these schools I participated in the athletic programs as well as the drama clubs. All of these schools gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and to succeed in the future.

Another thing that Chino Valley offers is a view of the beautiful country side. We can see Granite Mountain, Mingus Springs, and on clear days we can see the white caps of the Rockies. My favorite mountain is Granite Mountain. It is one of the only ones like it in the country and is backed by the Prescott National Forest. When it is monsoon season and it has just finished raining the top of Granite Mountain is usually covered in a low lying cloud; it is one of the best sights in the whole state.

I really love Chino Valley because it is my home. There are a lot of wonderful people here, and I am lucky enough to have grown up with them. The entire community helps each other and supports each other. We have local festivals, like the “Chino Valley Spring Fest”, and we like to support the youth. There are many youth sports and clubs that all members of the community have a part in.

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