I have an immense amount of fabulous facts to share with you, as to why Arizona is my home, why it’s a great place to live and why it should be your hometown as well!

First off, I was born in Bosnia, Herzegovina. Once the war broke out in 1991, I was just a little girl. My mother and I had not the slightest clue as to where to go. Finally we wound up in Austria, Germany where were couldn’t get too adjusted to because it was only temporary. There was an excessive amount of sponsors who were more than willing to help refugees come to the United States, in order to give, especially children, more of an opportunity to excel through education.

I’m extremely grateful to be living in Arizona with my family. It has given us such an opportunity to accomplish everything that we had in Bosnia, before we lost it all. My parents have given me so much, and my way of somewhat having a way to repay them is by succeeding in school and achieving the most I can possibly accomplish. It’s extraordinary how much people here have helped us in order to get back on our feet, as well as made it possible for me to have the best education a child could have.

I have given back to the community by volunteering, in various places; such as nursing homes, hospitals, animal shelters, etc. Everyone throughout Tucson, Arizona has been so extraordinary, that there’s no one reason as to why anyone wouldn’t want to make this they’re home. Not to mention, Arizona’s scenery, because it is one of the most amazing and exceptional I’ve ever seen, as I’ve been all over the world!

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