I have lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for as long as I can remember. Flagstaff is the place I call home. It started out as a railroad town in 1882 during the expansion of the Santa Fe railroad. Merchants settled here and started a town that would grow to be a desired place to live.

Flagstaff has many attractions in and around town. The Lowell Observatory is located in town and it is known for its discoveries made by the founder, Percival Lowell  and other astronomers. The Arizona Snow Bowl is just a few miles out of town offering ski activities in the winter. The Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater are located just an hour from Flagstaff.

I like Flagstaff’s array of seasons. The summers are nice and the winters are cold, although the weather can be strange at times. I like to say that there is no other place like it on earth. The people here are nice and everyone seems to know each other but the town is large enough so that knowing everyone cannot possibly be.

Therefore, in conclusion, Flagstaff is the only place for me. There is always something to see and something to do, great people to meet, and no other place can compare. 

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